Download a specific version with sudo

Updated simple step by step guide on How to Install Java on Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04, and any other Ubuntu-based distribution. Get started with the Java platform today! An elegant GUI for Git that works on Linux, Mac and Windows To install the latest release from a specific series other than the latest GA series, disable the subrepository for the latest GA series and enable the subrepository for the specific series before running the installation command. The release build installs the latest official release of OpenModelica with validated features, possibly with some critical maintenance fixes (versions x.y.z with z > 0). The stable build installs the latest stable version released during… Quickly download, clean up, and install ecological datasets into a database management system - weecology/retriever Pre-compiled OS packages for Rakudo. Contribute to nxadm/rakudo-pkg development by creating an account on GitHub. A python project to download medium-to-massive amount of seismic waveforms data featuring several pre- and post- processing utilities - rizac/stream2segment

The RHEL4 version seems to work fine.

configure --prefix=/usr/local make sudo make install. Install Apache 2.2. Download the curent version from the Apache Download Page (httpd-2.2.32.tar.gz as of  Yes we can install any specific version of Python. First install dependencies: [code]sudo apt-get install build-essential checkinstall sudo apt-get install  RVM is a tool for installing and managing multiple Ruby versions. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install -y curl gnupg build-essential if you are deploying your own app, then your app may have a specific Ruby version requirement. If you prefer, you can download and install an Omnibus GitLab package There are multiple packages for a single version, one for each supported DEB based (Ubuntu, Debian, Raspberry Pi): sudo EXTERNAL_URL="" Note: Enabling HTTPS will require additional configuration to specify the 

Configure options: --prefix=/opt/freeware --sbindir=/opt/freeware/sbin --libdir=/opt/freeware/lib --mandir=/opt/freeware/man --with-logging=syslog --with-logfac=auth --without-pam --with-editor=/usr/bin/vi --with-env-editor --with-ignore…

If you are using the current version of Cumulus Linux, this content may not be cumulus@switch:~$ sudo -E apt-get update Get:1 Cumulus Networks has added features or made bug fixes to certain packages You can download and use these applications; however, the applications in  Using a LTS version is safer for companies having stability constraints. of Ubuntu 18.04.1 Bionic Beaver for server or desktop is available for download. While your are playing with a series of sudo apt update commands, why not do both  21 Oct 2019 Is there a way to use yum to update PHP to the latest 5.3 version without Total download size: 1.7 M Installed size: 4.9 M Is this ok [y/N]: n  2 Jul 2012 Ubuntu's Update Manager keeps your packages at the latest version, You can downgrade an installed package and lock it at a specific version to prevent it from being updated. sudo apt-get install packagename=version. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers or record your own videos with high quality H264 / AAC encoding. When a new version is released simply execute choco upgrade julia --confirm. If you want to uninstall Julia run choco uninstall julia --confirm. current sudo stable release

2 Sep 2019 If you need a "portable" version or do not have admin rights, use the correct zip, extract it into a Download 64 bit installer: sumo-win64-1.4.0.msi; Download 64 bit zip: sudo apt-get install sumo sumo-tools sumo-doc.

Yes we can install any specific version of Python. First install dependencies: [code]sudo apt-get install build-essential checkinstall sudo apt-get install 

APT works with dpkg together where apt resolves dependencies and download packages from internet, network share, etc. and dpkg installs, configure them. The value you specify depends on your Python version. To download a specific version, replace the $(curl -s portion of the command with the specific version.

current sudo stable release

Download and install Node.js. In Unix, prefixing the additional sudo command may be necessary to install Use this syntax to install a specific version: $ sudo